Ashi After Care

Do :

  • Drink plenty of water of course!
  • Light stretching ( Bending forward bringing your hands to your toes or letting your head hang like a rag doll. NO BOUNCING!)
  • Wear any back or neck support if you engage in any intense activities during your work.
  • Apply Deep Blue® to areas that may have soreness or that have been a focal point of the massage. Those 2 heating and cooling products work best in my experience the best but use whatever helps you the most.
  • Enjoy a nice hot Epsom Salt bath or a sauna
  • Laying on the floor with your legs up against the wall for a few minutes.

Do not:

  • Sit for an extended amount of time. This may be riding in a car for a few hours or flying in a plane right after receiving Ashiatsu. We are trying to avoid compressing your back for at least 24 hours.
  • Engage in any intense activity especially those with any sort of contact or twisting of the spine. Examples may be wakeboarding, Jiu Jitsu, soccer or baseball.
  • Drink heavy alcohol within 24 hours of receiving the massage. Along with a regular hang over you may also experience something Ashiatsu therapist call a “lactic acid hangover” from the dehydration and deep compression strokes.
  • Lift heavy objects over 35 Ib within the first 48 hours of massage. Be very careful of working out at the gym or heavy yard work.

It is always important after any massage to take care of yourself , but always check in with your massage therapist to see if there is any special care after certain massage techniques especially if it is your first time receiving. Remember healing is a process and sometimes the body needs rest to recover.

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 Monday       9am - 3pm

Tuesday      9am - 3pm

Wednesday  Noon - 7pm

Thursday     9am - 3pm

 Friday         9am - 4pm

Saturday     9am - 5pm

Sunday          Closed


  60 min - $ 85

  90 min - $125


Rates apply to all modalities:

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage,
Ashi-Thai Bodywork,
SARGA Bodywork,
Deep Tissue,
Hot Stone Massage,
Cold Stone Facial Massage,
& Aroma Therapy


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