I grew up in Japan and came to the United States 1997. I was involved in Rhythmic Gymnastic and become interested in massage therapy during the intense training. My approach to massage therapy is to blend eastern and western style of bodywork as well as use of both hands and feet to create deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. Many people who try Barefoot Massage do not normally go back to regular massage. If you are curious about how I deliver this Barefoot Massage - Please watch my videos and check our 150 + Google Reviews.

You will only want to give this unique experience a try! 

Looking forward to meeting you in my studio! 


" I received the Ashi-Thai. I really enjoyed it. I loved the passive stretching. I could feel the effects from the session even more so the following day. I felt loose and relaxed, and there was no soreness the following day that can sometimes happen after receiving body work."

- Nancy V.  Athletic Trainer.


"Very professional. Very informative before, during and after the session. Actively sought feedback and was aware of my reactions to this first session of Ashitatsu. Have just requested a second session."                                             
                                       - Steve L.   Administrative Assistant.                                      


Monday       9AM - 4PM

Tuesday       9 AM - 4PM 

Wednesday  Noon - 8PM

Thursday    9AM - 4PM

   Friday        9AM - 4PM 

Saturday     9AM - 5PM 




 Fox Run (Whole Foods) Plaza

49 Welles Street

Suite 203

Glastonbury, CT 06033










"While I have had many massages, I was very impressed with Sachiyo and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. She is highly professional, very welcoming, and explains her techniques fully and clearly, while being very tuned in to her client's experience, needs and comfort. I was very impressed and will be a regular client from now on. I highly recommend her! "                                     
                                                             -   Randy L.     College Professor.