What to expect


  • You can expected the most effective barefoot massage session if you disrobe completely, but if you do feeling  shy or uncomfortable you may leave your clothes on and I will do my best. 
  • I will leave the room while you undress.  Please remove all your jewelry if possible. 
  • Lie face down on the massage table, underneath the provided sheet and blanket, which will cover your body except for the part being massaged.


  • Music - Let me know if you have a preference! 
  • Conversation - This is your session. You can talk to me if you wish or you can choose your session to be silent. 
  • Massage Table may be warm during cold months. If you get cold easily please let me know. 


  • We use water based hypo-allergic deep tissue cream.  If you're highly allergic please let me know. 
  • I will explain what I will be doing during your initial session. I will also often seek feedback for proper amount of pressure. 
  • I will move your body into different position and sometime, I will be holding your limbs into certain way. Please keep your body loose like a rag doll! 
  • Remember to breathe normally and slowly. 
  • Dull Achy Pain is a good pain to have during session, if a pain is sharp, needle or stabbing like sensation please let me know right away.  
  • Effects of Massage include runny nose, stomach growing, releasing gas. 
  • After your massage, please start getting dressed after I exit the massage room. 

Follow Up

The benefits of massage are cumulative, I will customize a plan to meet your health and wellness goals.


Monday       9AM - 7PM

Tuesday        9 AM - 5PM 

Wednesday  Noon - 8PM

Thursday     9AM - 5PM

   Friday         9AM - 4PM 

Sat & Sun          Closed 




 Fox Run (Whole Foods) Plaza

49 Welles Street

Suite 203

Glastonbury, CT 06033










"While I have had many massages, I was very impressed with Sachiyo and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. She is highly professional, very welcoming, and explains her techniques fully and clearly, while being very tuned in to her client's experience, needs and comfort. I was very impressed and will be a regular client from now on. I highly recommend her! "                                     
                                                             -   Randy L.     College Professor.